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Greece is located in south-eastern Europe, on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula (Haemus peninsula); it lies at the meeting point of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.

Athens, Capital of Greece, is one of the world’s oldest cities with its recorded history spanning around 3,400 years and being in habited since the 11th millennium BCE. A large part of the town’s historical centre has been converted into a 3-kilometre pedestrian zone, which is the largest in Europe. It leads to the major archaeological sites (the “archaeological park”), simulating the ancient landscape. Walk on the “Grande Promenade” in the Athens’ historic centre and stroll down history lane: Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Theatre of Dionyssos, the Roman Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Kerameikos cemetery form the core of ancient Athens. Up on the hill, Pnyx conjures images of democracy in action, as the general assembly (Ecclesia) met during Pericles’ golden age and exercised “rule by the people”. Take a break. Have a light lunch and a shot of ouzo in Plaka, the oldest neighbourhood of Athens. Pick up some great bargains at the Monastiraki flea market. Sit on a bench at the city’s Green oasis, the National Garden.

Millions of tourists come every year eager to taste good food prepared only with the best-quality virgin olive oil or try the delicious olives, so commonly found in the Greek landscape. They savour the particular cheeses of the Greek countryside: feta, kasseri, graviera (gruyere), manouri, anthotyro, myzithra, metsovone. They relish wholesome meats and poultry and enjoy the freshest fish and sea food. They delight in a bite of fish roe, a farmhouse loaf of bread, a ”dakos” salad and in the particular taste of the saffron crocus threads from Kozani.

The health sector in Greece has up-to-date facilities in terms of both building complexes and equipment in many regions of the country, starting with Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. In addition, Greece possesses internationally recognized medical and nursing staff, top level hotels that can function in a supportive capacity. Tourist members of the European Union that hold the  European Health Card (EHIC) have access to the necessary health services.

Specialties Offered

Health Screening
Bariatric Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery


The official language is Greek.
English is also spoken across most parts of the country.


Greece is a Member-State of the European Union and uses its uniform currency – the Euro.
1 USD = 0.85 EUR

Plug & Socket Type

Type C and F.
The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.


Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall. Its geographical position offers a significant variation in its climate. In summer, the dry hot days are cooled by seasonal winds called the meltemi, while mountainous regions have generally lower temperatures. The winters are mild in lowland areas, with a minimum amount of snow and ice, yet, mountains are usually snow-covered.

Tourist Attractions

Temple of Olympian Zeus,
Acropolis of Athens,
Acropolis Museum,
Ionian Islands, Knossos,
National Archeological Museum,


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