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Croatia is a beautiful coastal land that stretches along the Adriatic Sea. It is a member of the European Union and has long been known as a tourist mecca for true connoisseurs of nature, unreal beauty and appetizers, excellent food, wines and entertainment. For ten consecutive years, Croatia has been among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

Croatia and particularly its capital Zagreb is establishing itself as a high quality medical tourism destination through the development of several factors to quickly accelerate the capital’s health tourism potential. Apart from the high quality of care provided to international patients, price is a major incentive as is the opportunity to relax on the hop of the Adriatic coast.

The Croatian natives are called Croats and make up the majority of the population, the remaining portions of the population are a mix of Serbs, Hungarians, and Gypsies. The Croats are family oriented people and have very close relationships with their extended families. Croatians spend their weekends for family bonding and keeping their culture alive with songs, costumes, dancing, cultural rituals, and folk tales.

The main feature of Croatian cuisine is its diversity, so it is impossible to single out a typical cuisine or typical dish. The Adriatic coast belongs to the Mediterranean world of cuisine. The food is light and includes a lot of fish and other seafood – cuttlefish, squid, octopus and shellfish. These are stewed, casseroled, grilled or roasted. Plenty of vegetables, legumes and wild plants (wild asparagus, meadow plants – mišanca) are also eaten. They are made into soups (maneštra), or steamed or boiled and seasoned with olive oil and garlic. Olive oil is the basic culinary addition. The most frequently prepared meats are mutton, and to a lesser extent, beef. A favourite beef dish is pašticada, braised with herbs, prunes and dried figs, and the most common accompaniments are potato noodles (gnocchi).

Specialties Offered

Orthopedic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery


The official language is Croatian.
English is also spoken across most parts of the country.


The Croatian currency is the Kuna.
1 USD = 6.42 HRK
1 EUR = 7.53 HRK

Plug & Socket Type

Type C & F.
The standard voltage is 230V and the standard frequency is 50Hz.


Croatia has essentially three climatic zones: coastal Mediterranean, inland Continental, and central mountainous. The coastal climate has hot and dry summers and windy winters, temperatures therefore vary from roughly 15 to 35ºC. The temperature in the mainland, and in the capital, Zagreb is far more continental with hot summers and cold winters, there is often fog and rain in the autumn months and it is likely to receive snowfall in winter.

Tourist Attractions

Plitvice Lakes
Gornji Grad
Euphrasian Basilica
Diocletian’s Palace
Pula Arena
Island Hvar


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